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A high-quality gaming PC will usually be more powerful than a gaming console. You may enjoy connecting your PC to your high definition TV to get the big screen experience. However, many veteran PC gamers prefer a monitor over a TV screen. Using TVs or monitors with lower refresh rates causes ghosting and makes the PC seem less responsive than it actually is.There are many great companies offering monitors such as Acer’s Predator Series or ASUS. A good standard resolution is 1920×1080 with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Remember to use a Display Cable , as standard HDMI or VGA cables do not support high frame rates.

  • Keep track of the M.2 screwthat comes with your drive or motherboard.
  • It’s much smaller than other screws in a desktop PC and it’s not easy to replace without buying another one.
  • Installing an M.2 driveis as simple as plugging it into the slot, pressing the drive flat and screwing it into your motherboard.
  • Sometimes boards can’t support all drive ports being used at once.

Be sure the card will physically fit in the space where you intend to install it. Higher-end cards often have a large circuit board and cooling assembly that occupies multiple expansion slots and can be long enough to butt up against your hard drives or other components along the way. Do some quick measurements before buying a card if you aren’t sure. If your motherboard doesn’t have an M.2 slot, there are PCIe x4 adapter cards that will let you install an M.2 drive. However, note that your motherboard will have to support the ability to boot from PCIe to use an M.2 drive as your primary Windows drive in this scenario. The M.2 slot transports data on PCIe lanes, which affords significantly more bandwidth than the fastest SATA ports.

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If you haven’t already, click on any PC part in Reason for Windows 10 the image above to begin. You’ll find a short video demonstration, installation instructions, and links to helpful resources. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong order for building a gaming PC, but you can follow the order that the components are numbered in if you’re not sure. If you have a bottom-mounted power supply with an intake fan drawing air from under your PC, be careful not to block this by putting the system on carpet for instance. Also be mindful of the rear bracket on the graphics card itself as you guide it behind your motherboard.

If you do mount your motherboard first, it’s a good idea to at least get your CPU cooler’s brackets in place first. However, when you go to install your motherboard, just make sure that you aren’t trapping the cables beneath the motherboard. And, since you’ve already ran your cables behind the motherboard tray, when you lie your case on its back, it will be resting on those cables, which can make it unstable. I use the various packing components to wedge under the corners of the case to help keep it level and stable. And, if you can organize your components and the screws/cables that go with them, you’ll have a much easier time assembling your system. You don’t want to get the screws that secure your motherboard in place mixed up with the screws that mount your power supply to your case.

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They have much faster read and write times, allowing for much faster launch times and performance. However, as these storage devices are expensive, it makes sense to get both a hard drive and a SSD. Keep all your games and if you have enough room, your OS on your SSD and everything else on your hard drive. If you really want to pump up the game, and you have a motherboard that can support it, get 2 identical cards from the same manufacturer and run them in SLI , or Crossfire mode. This is generally a bad idea, however, unless you already have a top of the line card, because it’s cheaper and more efficient to get a single better graphics card. However, in some cases, it may be cheaper to get 2 GTX 660s and run them in SLI. Now that your build has powered up, you need to install your operating system.

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If you’re building a gaming PC, you’ll likely want to choose Windows 10 for your operating system. Now that everything is connected, all you have left to do is install your graphics card.