Characteristics of This design of the summer kitchen at the cottage

The summer kitchen is rightly considered a favorite location in the cottage, where all the household gathers. In winter, this room is ideal for cooking on the barbecue.

Knowing the features of this design of the summer kitchen, you may produce a reliable room, which is going to be a pleasure to be in at any time of the year.


Its direct purpose is to function as a location for cooking. However, most dacha owners utilize it not just in the warm season. Here you can also equip another sleeping place, arrange laundry, and, naturally, to gather guests around a big table.

The construction of almost any summer kitchen requires the creation of a preliminary project, which is calculated all the nuances and features.

One of the important elements influencing the additional operation of the kitchen is the location. It is required to choose the website so that there was an opportunity to run all the necessary utilities: gas, sewerage, water, electricity.

Such buildings should not be adjacent to the bathroom, mulch pit and other unpleasant places. If at all possible, they need to be placed away from the roadway, differently auto dust will settle on all exposed surfaces.

It is best if the kitchen windows will confront north-east, this is going to keep the coolness in summer time. It is not uncommon to arrange a basement in the basement of summertime kitchens – this is a practical solution immediately improves the functionality of this room.
Particular care should be paid into the furnace, which can be timber, gas or electrical. In case the setup of a barbecue is planned, it’s encouraged to determine beforehand where the products will be baked in order to properly locate the essential technology systems.

An important facet in equipping the location for your barbecue and barbecue is the observance of fire safety principles. It’s not recommended to place a dining table or equip a seating area near the cooker. Generally, the space around it is full of cabinets for dishes, drawers, sink. For cooking for a pleasant process, their arrangement must be practical and easy to use.

On the territory of the summer kitchen must be outfitted with a recreation area with comfy furniture. The best approach wicker or plastic tables and seats. An important factor for a comfortable stay in this room – is high-quality lighting.

When choosing lamps, listen to cheap LED lamps, the use of that will decrease electricity consumption.

Lately, wood stoves, that can be used both independently and together with a conventional stove, have become very common. In order to avoid problems with the functioning of the stove, it’s advised to consider all the related nuances beforehand.


Just about any dacha plot is acceptable for the building of a small or large kitchen. There are various kinds of these rooms, one of which you can choose a project suitable in size and settings for a particular plot.

Kitchens are divided in to two types: open and closed. The most primitive version of the open kind, with that it’s sensible to handle their own hands would be a patio.

The next variant of kitchens includes verandas, the room of which can be shut completely or partially. We will discuss the most common and popular types of these constructions.