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Right-Click or Tap’N’Hold on ‘Enter Video URL’ text-box above. In the menu select PASTE (or Left Click on the box and press CTRL+V, if using keyboard).

You can select the settings in steps four and five in the main Audacity program window as well. There are four drop-down lists located above the middle of the program window. The second drop-down list from the left is for the Recording Device . In the Sound window, click the Recording tab, right-click in a blank space in that tab, and download CCleaner select Show Disabled Devices from the drop-down menu. Once the download is complete, run the setup program and follow the steps to install Audacity on your computer.

Without it each and every button we show will generate a popup with ads or malware. But we sanitize that with HTML5, which means that if your browser supports it, – HTML5 will instruct browser to disallow popups. Such functionality is actually better than running adblock .

Paste the copied YouTube video URL into the text box near the top of the page. Thanks savetube for the feature in 20 Best Youtube To Mp3 Converters . Anyways, this HTML5 Iframe Sandbox feature basically renders all the buttons above harmless to click.

So, to reverse these steps in Chrome, just return to Step 3 and make sureSelect automaticallyis checked. In Firefox, search for the string you made and then select the trash icon to the right of it. If Firefox or Chrome automatically redirects you back to the desktop page, select the link that says to return to the mobile version of YouTube. Other noises like email alerts or error sounds that are mixed in with the audio are a bit harder to fix.

Choose Playin Windows orOpenin macOS to start playing the video within the program. Paste the YouTube video’s URL in the text box located in thatNetworktab. It’s unlikely that you want to keep using YouTube as if you were on a mobile device since the screen size is completely different than the desktop version.

  • When you upload a video file to YouTube, it will automatically generate subtitles or closed captions for that video.
  • Here’s a quick guide on how to transcribe audio or video files to text with the help of YouTube.
  • Google uses speech recognition to transform the speech portion of your video into closed captions that are displayed in the video player when the viewer hits the CC button .
  • However, if you are looking for an inexpensive and automated option, YouTube can help.
  • A quick Google search will return a list of paid transcription services where you can hire people who will accurately transcribe and convert the audio content of your digital files into text.

You can change downloadable songs directory in Settings tab at the bottom right corner of the program. I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers. All three apps are available as part of a free seven day trial of Setapp, the leading suite of apps for your Mac. With Setapp, you’ll gain immediate and unlimited access to dozens of apps spanning a ton of use-cases.

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Many users simply access YouTube for streaming audio, or to listen to favorite show episodes while doing something else. Access to VidPaw – YouTube to MP3 Converter, then paste the URL to the download box. Provide a search facility to search the matched subtitles texts online for movies, etc. Best for its features like allowing you to increase the volume even though it is low in the original video. Considering how long this URL is, it’d be a good idea to make sure you’ve copied the whole thing by selecting all of it (Ctrl+AorCommand+A) before you copy it (Ctrl+CorCommand+C).

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In the menu that shows up, select COPY (or press CTRL+C). Don’t forget to add dash sing between the singer and the song titles.