Projects of modern Homes and cottages

In today’s world with the help of various computer programs you can, indeed, make an ideal and unique project of your house. Someone can really erect the home of his dreams, if he desired!


Today, projects of contemporary homes and cottages bring to life the many unusual and daring ideas in the layout and facades.

To begin with, you want to decide in what fashion you want to understand your dream home.

Adhering to this style, the most simple forms, light colours and unpretentious decor are utilized. This style is embodied in wood, metal, concrete and glass. The pluses of minimalism are a large space and an abundance of light. Projects of cottages at the style of minimalism help save on building and interior decoration.

High-tech – like minimalism, the decor uses rough and dark shades, there are often notes of brutality. This style is dominated by means of restraint.

Fusion – combines several styles at the same time. Employing this décor, you can easily blend minimalism and Gothic, classic and castle, attic and high-tech.

The process of creating a project for a contemporary house includes several phases:

  • Architectural – the dimensions of the future structure, the visual appeal of these facades are determined;
  • constructive – the position of the base, windows, stairs, doors and flooring are fixed;
  • engineering – draws a plot of location of future communications, outlets, taps;
  • design-project – an inside decoration of the home with specification of substances;
  • cost quotes – material prices required at each stage of construction are listed.

Used substances

The choice of material for constructing a house is quite varied. Giving preference to any of these substances, it is necessary to properly study each of these.

Country homes made from brick are environmentally friendly, frost-resistant and fireproof.

Brick has a long service life, high strength and decent sound insulation.

Today houses made from timber are also common. Listed below are the main advantages of this substance.

Construction from wood is many times cheaper in comparison to other materials. If you’re planning a market class home, birch will be ideal.
Exceptionally environmentally friendly, it doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals. A fantastic option for those who suffer from allergies.
Excellent oxygen permeability.
After the house is built, you can move in right away. The inside end of the wood will fit perfectly to the interior.

Country homes and cottages made from natural wood look great. Natural timber is best. Log houses are environmentally friendly, look good externally, are lasting and retain heat well.

Project Overview

Nowadays, catalogs are brimming with a variety of ready-made country homes and posh cottages. You can readily locate a project for every taste: a cottage with scenic windows, with open verandas, with extensions that are themed, and even with a swimming pool.

When planning to build a country house, a Individual pursues the following aims:

Solitude, the desire to be alone with nature;
The opportunity to gain strength in the fresh air, a break in the noisy town;
the possibility to improve their healthto perform improvement of the site.

Most often the diversion area in suburban homes are home terraces. They are both open and closed places in which it is easy to spend some time together with friends over a shish kebab, a cup of tea and an interesting novel, go in for athletics or yoga.

Cottages with a glazed terrace are favored, therefore it may be utilized both in summer and winter.

In today’s world, the automobile has become an integral part of every family. Therefore, on private plots are also built and garages.

The garage could be constructed as a separate construction or, to the contrary, it may be connected to the home, making it an integral part of it.