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Best bet is to dress all in black, hack into an internet cafe wifi and connect from far away (wouldn’t want thos cameras seeing you). Use tails OS with VPN and TOR, download that copy of live action Lion King and then high tail it out of there burning both the laptop and clothes and then throw the ashes into the bottom of a lake. Lastly move countries and change identity, free to watch that sweet downloaded illegal pirated movie. Everytime you make a request you use the shared IP and a port.

You claim that any VPN service that charges roughly $10/month is most likely logging your data anyway, and that you’re at the mercy of these providers, but at least I pay for a service I know I can trust. I trust them because they’ve proven that I can by subjecting themselves to outside auditors and publishing their findings publicly. A VPN provider would automatically route every single one of these commands and services through the VPN and encrypt the data both ways.

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  • Installing the client on your laptop or phone may not be illegal, it is the actual encryption and usage that might be the problem.
  • Even if you are doing nothing wrong and browsing for collectible stamps all day.
  • A VPN “just works” in the background on a phone, protecting your Internet visits, downloads, and activities.
  • The interesting issue here is that the actual client is not the problem.

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Your Government doesn’t need to break encryption so long as standards bodies continue to undermine the Internet for them. Whatever legal ramifications exist between calling something a proxy and vpn has absolutely no bearing on what they are.

A VPN encrypts data sent between you and the VPN, between the VPN and you, between the ISP and you and between the VPN and service it is talking to. This makes it impossible for your ISP to snoop on what you are doing. A VPN runs OS level – meaning every single thing you do over the internet will be routed through the VPN, not a per app setup as is the case with a proxy.

So please tell us who is immune to this we all want to know because I will get that service now. This is precisely what VPN services (which are not the same thing as "VPNs") are not suitable for, because you cannot know whether the provider is keeping identifiable data. "any DMCA you get best vpn for iphone isn’t because you failed to use a VPN service but because you offered content that infringes the complainant’s rights and didnt mask your ip. I agree on the logging stuff though, its highly likely that is snake oil.

They charge what they do because they probably have people signing up in their droves to get round geo restrictions. He is being argumentative for a reason here, and it’s to emphasize the fact VPNs aren’t as safe as most people thought it to be, and by most people I mean the average internet user. He’s not trying to downplay the benefits of VPN services, it’s a cynical critique on the VPN business as a whole.

Encryption is also banned outright in several countries, I’d highly suggest people actually do some research. On the other hand if a VPN is based out of a country with a mandatory data retention law and they advertise no logs on users, then I’d obviously be suspicious of this claim. ExpressVPN doesn’t push their advertising in the same way NordVPN does. ExpressVPN is so confident in their user’s privacy that they paid for well-known, 3rd-party auditors to come in and inspect their code, their servers, and interview their employees. They even published a PDF copy of the results of that audit, as well as the full audit case.